Tip: March Bucket List

Where I live, we have been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures, so when I initially started this blog a few weeks ago, these ideas for things to accomplish in the month of March seemed like they wouldn’t be attainable until then.  Boy, was I wrong!   It has been nearly 30+ degrees warmer this whole week so I thought I’d share these now in the event you are like me and want to embrace this nice weather while it lasts.

So without further ado –


Hello March!

Spring will be here soon, and along with Spring comes fresh flowers sprouting, slightly warmer weather, and sunnier days!  Not to mention, preparing for the season after Spring.

Below are 10 ideas to complete for your March Bucket List:


  1. Sow seeds indoor for late-spring/early summer planting outside.
  2. Visit the MSU Butterfly House.
  3. Take a trip to your local library and borrow books on bugs, birds, and baby animals.
  4. Color a picture of a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end and give it to a friend.
  5. Visit Impression 5 for one of their Scientific Weekends and build a biosphere.
  6. Make a bird feeder and feed the birds.
  7. Put a rain gauge out and keep a journal of this month’s rainfall.
  8. Fly a kite.
  9. Leave chocolate coins on a friend’s door step anonymously with a note from a Leprechaun.
  10. Give a high five to one of the characters at the annual Early Childhood Literacy Coalition’s character event at the Hannah Community Center on March 19th. See the calendar for more information.

What is on your bucket list for the month of March?  Comment below!


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