Life: Challenge Friends to Declutter With You

Every few months, a group of local Moms and I participate in a declutter challenge.  It always amazes me the amount of stuff I can find in my house, in my car, and around my office that I no longer have a use for, but am hanging on for some reason or another.

Where does it all come from?  I try my best not to over-buy, buy something just because it’s on sale, or keep things that we no longer need, but inevitably, I end up donating and trashing close to 200+ items every few months.

When my husband and I were first married and welcomed our first child, we lived in a 900 square-foot house with no basement and little room to use in the attic for storage, yet we managed.   Fast forward 28-months after my first was born and we have now moved to a 1700 square-foot house with a basement — and we have at least 3x the clutter!

Certainly you will not walk into my house and have to weave through piles of garbage, but open up my cupboards and closets, go through my drawers, and step foot in my kids’ playroom (if you can) and you could be consumed by clutter!

Heck – waiting in the drop off line at preschool yesterday morning, I managed to pile up at least 10 things to throw away! Junk just hanging out in my cup holders and glove compartment.

The challenge I speak of above comes around 3-4x a year — and it’s something I greatly look forward to.  It’s a chance to cheer on my friends as they take action against their clutter and it’s a chance to show off what I am getting rid of.   It’s a win-win for everyone. I create a Facebook ‘event’ and then invite friends to participate.  Throughout the week challenge, I post helpful hints, news stories and articles; and a list of suggested places to donate.   The decision on where everyone’s stuff goes is up to them whether they sell it, donate it, gift it, recycle it, or just throw it away.

How do you handle the clutter day-to-day?  I am looking for tips!  Comment below!






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