Tip:  Make Morning Routine Easier

6:45 AM — and the alarm is going off. It’s a Monday morning and I have to get my kids ready for school and out the door in less than 45 minutes.

Getting ready for school in the morning used to be a struggle, there is so much to remember and so much to do before we had to walk out the door.

I would hear stories from friends would say to getting out the door in the morning was a nightmare.

That’s when I had an idea! I created short and to the point checklists that are hung next to our back door and near our front door.

The concept is nothing earth shattering, just gentle reminders – do you have your lunch, do you have your snow pants, mittens and hat, do you have your homework and reading bag?

My oldest is six and can read so this makes it so easy for him to help him get himself ready in the morning. He finds the concept to be so much fun that he’s encouraging my four year old to follow suit.

With both of them able to help themselves get ready in the morning, getting out the door on time has become such an easy routine!

What are your tips for getting out the door in the morning? Comment below!


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