Life:  Survival When You Are Sick

I managed to avoid it as long as possible, but no amount of Lysol, hand sanitizer, fresh air, and disinfecting wipes could have prepared me for the wrath of “the plague.”   It hit me like a ton of bricks.  One minute I was fine and the next, well let’s just say, I wasn’t.

So being a parent, naturally I’m on high alert so my kiddos do not catch this — but, they aren’t old enough to fend for themselves. So what do you do?

1.  Phone a Friend –

Or a relative, or your spouse/significant other – someone you feel comfortable leaving your child(ren) with — and ask, beg, or bribe them to help you for an hour, or better yet, two hours!   Any amount of time you can get so that you can take care of you so you are a better-equipped mom to then take care of your kiddos.

2.  Break Out a New Toy –

If your kids are like mine, they have toys in the house that are new in box, long forgotten about, that could be broken out during this time to provide minutes or hours of fun.  Let’s hope it’s the latter.   This also includes toys that were once the best.thing.ever. that were replaced by the new best.thing.ever, and haven’t been played with in a while.   It’s time to tear open those boxes just like Christmas morning!

3.  Color Wonder Markers –

Are these not seriously the best invention?  No more worrying about marker on the walls, counter top, my children’s clothing, one kid coloring on the other – you know anywhere other than the paper in front of them.  These gems are a lifesaver!   If you are not familiar, they are made by Crayola and they only color on specially-made paper.   So while you are holed up on the couch trying to get a nap in, your kids can be coloring and you don’t have to watch them!

4.  Screen Time –

Desperate times call for desperate measures!  I will not sit here in good conscience and tell you my kids don’t watch TV, because they do, and when I’m sick, and I have no one to help, the TV becomes my lifeline!    Hello 24/7 PBS channel — thank you for watching my kids when I’m not able.   After exhausting items 1-3 above, TV is there to tell me it’s going to be OK, SuperWHY has it from here or for at least the next 23 uninterrupted minutes.

5.  Tablet for the Win –

Like I said above with Screen Time, when you are a Mom and you are sick, you have to do what you have to do to survive!  And don’t let anyone (and I mean anyone) make you feel like less of a Mom because your kiddos have a tablet.    My son, now 6, used my old I-Pod Touch for a few months when he was only 2 – and the only apps he had access to were ABCs, counting, and a few others offered through Fisher-Price.   It eventually stopped charging causing us to purchase a short-lived Nabi and then moving on to an InnoTab 3S.   Everything our boys were given to play with on these tablets were/are educational – whether it’s teaching them addition and subtraction, reasoning, shapes, colors, the alphabet, counting, or how to read.    I don’t feel one bit of guilt about it and neither should you.

Bottom line – when you are sick, do what works for YOU and YOUR family so you are feeling better soon.  
How do you handle being sick when you have kids?  What are your tools for survival?  I’d love to hear from you.  Comment below!


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