Tip: Mid-Michigan A to Z

Here’s something fun that the members of Mid-Michigan Kids helped me put together late last year — things to do around Mid-Michigan from letter A to Z!

If you are looking to put together a fun to do list for you and your kiddos over summer break, to tackle on the weekends throughout the year, or just because, check out the listings below:

A – Abrams Planetarium (at MSU)

B – Bug House (at MSU)

C – Chuck E. Cheese (Lansing)

D – Danny Boy’s Drive-In (Ionia)

E – EDRU Skate-A-Rama (Holt)

F – Fenner Nature Center (Lansing)

G – Granger Meadows Park (DeWitt Township)

H – Harris Nature Center (Okemos)

I – Impression 5 (Lansing)

J – Jumpin Jax (Lansing)

K – Kazoos Family Entertainment Center (Corunna)

L – Lansing Lugnuts (Lansing)

M – Motz Park (St. Johns)

N – Nokomis Learning Center (Okemos)

O – Orlando Park (Haslett)

P – Potter Park Zoo (Lansing)

Q – Quality Dairy (Lansing)

R – Royal Scot Golf & Bowl (Lansing)

S – St. Johns’ Spray Park (St. Johns)

T – TinkrLab (Okemos)

U – Uncle Johns’ Cider Mill (St. Johns)

V – Van Atta’s Greenhouse (Haslett)

W – Woldumar Nature Center (Lansing)

X – Xtreme NCG Eastwood Theater (Lansing)

Y – YMCA of Lansing (Haslett, Lansing, DeWitt)

Z – Zap Zone (Lansing)

Keep an eye out for our next A to Z post.   We have so much more to share with you!


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