Tip:  Resources for Special Needs Kids

Sometimes in life you stumble upon something great and you want to share it with everyone and anyone.  This post is one of those ‘somethings’.   By happenstance, I came across a thread of wonderful local resources for children with special needs who wish to participate in sports, swimming, and other activities.

The original poster was asking what resources may be available for her child and although I knew of two local sources, I was in aww with all the different suggestions that I never knew existed.

This got me thinking that if this person was asking because she didn’t know, there are probably others out there in the same situation. Hence this blog was born! Below are some of the fabulous suggestions made on the original thread.

No More Sidelines
No More Sidelines is a non-profit run by volunteers who are committed to helping children and young adults with special needs.   Children and young adults ages 7 and older are given an opportunity to play sports year-round and to participate in special outings and community events.   There is no cost to join.  Uniforms are distributed at the beginning of the season and are collected at the end.
Locally: No More Sidelines of Central Michigan

Sports Skills Program at MSU
Through the Sports Skills Program, MSU undergraduate students provide coaching and instruction in sports to children and adults with disabilities who reside in the greater Lansing area.  Children must be ages 6 or older.  Contact George Harnick with questions.

Exceptional Families at Willow Tree
Meeting the 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30p and the 4th Thursday at 10a, the Exceptional Families support group at Willow Tree is a run in cooperation of Early-On (Ingham County) and is geared toward families of children with disabilities looking for support in their community.    This group is FREE and open to the public.  No registration required.  Check Exceptional Families on Facebook.

Miracle League of Mid-Michigan
Born on a principle that all children should have the opportunity to play baseball regardless of their ability, the Miracle League of Mid-Michigan was formed.   “The general guidelines of Miracle League Baseball are that each athlete hits and scores a run each inning, an athlete is matched with a buddy to help them (if needed), and parents get to watch, support, and celebrate their child’s success on the field.

Potter Park Zoo Falconers
Hosting one event per month, the Potter Park Zoo Falconers is a program for autistic learners and their families.  Participants experience enriching education in a safe and welcoming environment including experiences with ambassador animals and hands-on stewardship activities.

4th Wall Theater
4th Wall Theater provides a fun, creative and therapeutic activity for children and adults of all abilities.   This problem is designed so that everyone seeking a new and fun adventure can participate.   All props, sound equipment, and ideas are provided.  One-day workshops or weekly classes available!


10Do you know of a special needs specific activity or club we’ve missed? Comment below and we’ll add it to our growing list!


2 thoughts on “Tip:  Resources for Special Needs Kids

  1. Rachel says:

    I am pretty sure I am the poster you were referring to and I love that you included this in your blog! As a parent of a special needs child it can be overwhelming with therapies and the many other appointments that go along with that and sometimes you forget that a child needs to have fun, too! And because of that, at least for me, I didn’t know where to begin with figuring out the many activities that could be available for children with special needs and so I asked a fabulous group of women and they came through! I commend you for creating this blog (and the Facebook page, twitter feed, etc.); I hope many others find value in the information you share as much as I do!


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