Road Trip:  Holiday Inn Express – Little Dip Splashpad 

This was our third trip to this Holiday Inn Express – Little Dip Splashpad just outside Grand Rapids.   If you are not familiar with this location, it is located in Cutlerville, about an hour from Lansing.  Easy on and off the highway each way!

We like this hotel because of the the small water feature* and splashpad.  It also has a pool and jacuzzi (or hot tub, I’m not really sure the difference!) plus a 24-hour fitness center, large breakfast spread, coffee/tea/hot chocolate and water fountain at all hours, cable TV, and on Saturday nights they have a kids’ movie and ice cream sundae bar! 

*The water feature includes a small double-slide, ropes to swing on, buckets that dump water randomly – all only in water as deep as 8″ – 12″ which perfect for littles!   This trip was especially nice because both of my minions wanted to go in the water.  The last two times, my youngest had been apprehensive about water play.  Guess those swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School are paying off! 

A professional photographer I am not, and my children were being less than cooperative so these photos are not the best, but you get the idea!

If you are looking for a little getaway to ease your children into the water park hotel concept, this is PERFECT.  

Because this hotel features the water park for children, the staff understands the quirks and situations that come along with children.   For instance, my oldest took off his water park bracelet (after being told not to) and then freaked out about it.  BAM — new bracelet!  

We have also found that because this hotel is centered around children, that most of the guests (parents themselves) have a mutual understanding of other guests’ (cough, cough kids) needs. It’s almost like it’s to be expected.  

I mentioned cable TV.  We do not come here for the channels (although we do not have cable at home), but it helps for when my husband and I want to get a few extra minutes of shuteye.  

And sometimes, I can steal a photo like this when they aren’t looking.  A rare moment where they are not bickering restoring my faith that we are doing something right. 

So if you are looking for a little getaway to beat the winter blues, check out the Holiday Inn Express – Little Dip Splashpad in Cutlerville. 

NOTE:  This is not a sponsored post.  These opinions are my own without compensation


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