Life: Thank You For Taking a Chance on Me

So, today just before 12p EST, I made the formal announcement of the secret I have been keeping since February 1st!  What a relief!  I can finally move forward with connecting all of these separate media outlets together – the Facebook group, page, Twitter, Pinterest, and WordPress.   Can’t just do anything simply, can I?

For those just tuning in to this blog, please know that the mainstay of Mid-Michigan Kids will remain the Facebook group that started this whole journey last year.  And for those questioning why a group versus a Facebook page.  The answer is simple,  you can search a Facebook group by keywords (#March132017, #Easter).  Unfortunately that option is not available on a Facebook page.

Below is the message that I shared with everyone earlier today:

I am very excited to announce the Mid-Michigan Kids blog!  Now, not only can you find out about events taking place in the FB group, but you’ll also be able to read about upcoming summer camps, spring break camps, monthly bucket lists, birthday party venue suggestions, special event postings, recipes, and other kid-friendly tips and tricks!   The public calendar is also shared to this page so you will no longer have to look for the link in the About section or one of the posts I made, you can simply log on to to find it all!

In addition, I have created a Mid-Michigan Kids’ Facebook page where these blogs will automatically post as they are published AND this Facebook page interacts with Twitter so if you are a regular tweeter, please look for me – @midmichigankids .

And did I mention that I also am in the process of setting up a Mid-Michigan Kids Pinterest page?  All the fun blogs I post (think Mid-Michigan A to Z) will have their own Pinterest board for you to check out.

Don’t worry – the Mid-Michigan Kids FB Group will still be where I share the day-to-day events that are taking place; the blog, FB page, and Pinterest will be second in nature, but were created to better serve those who are not on Facebook regularly (or at all) and to potentially reach more people.

This is all the new media I can handle at the moment, but I may consider adding Instragram sometime in the future.   OR better yet, is there another media outlet I should be considering? 

So please join me on this very exciting hobby (journey?)!  Your comments, compliments, and complaints are welcome (although I hope there are more compliments than complaints).  J

– Sarah

Please note – the webpage is work in progress.  Not having a working computer at home has put a bit of a damper on me getting everything in working order before making this announcement, but I am making improvements every chance I get.    And I am also looking to replace my computer so once I have that in place, things will move along more quickly.   

And before I forget – I want to thank each and every one of you, those who have been a part of the Mid-Michigan Kids’ group from the very beginning, those of you who shared the group with your friends or added your colleagues, those of you who have shared events you have run across, those of you who have liked the posts I have shared, and those of you who are just a part of the group.   Each of you have inspired me to keep going, to go the extra mile, to find out what exactly is taking place around town that would be of interest to our children.

I am excited for the next chapter and I hope you will continue to join me on this journey.




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