Life: Too Early to Think About Summer?

Ok, ok, I know it’s only March 14th  and it’s not even Spring yet, and here I am sharing a blog about summer.  Forgive me, but I am a planner by nature and thus, always thinking ahead, and sometimes it’s WAY AHEAD.

Each year as my children grow, I feel like summer goes whizzing by in a blink of an eye leaving me wondering what the heck we did?!   Granted, both my husband and I work outside the home so there are days when we are working, so that severely whittles down the free days we have plus we do have a house, yard, and garden to maintain so there are always summer projects that need to be done, but on the flip side, we need to have some FUN too!  Ok, so a small part of me thinks that yard and garden work is fun, by neither of my boys do and I get the “oh Mom” groan from them when I try to get them excited about weeding the garden.

For the last couple of years, I have asked my now six year-old what he’d like to do on his summer vacation.  And each year, I am surprised by his answers.  Here I think he’s going to say that he wants to do something unattainable like go to California by boat or go swimming in the ocean with a whale, but the list we end up with makes me realize it’s not all about the glamour, the glitz, the pizazz, or the WOW factor, he just wants to do everyday things – go to the park, go to the lake, go to District5, have a playdate with one of his friends, get ice cream, go to visit his Grandma…. all things that we can easily do with little planning.    Hey, I must be doing something right!   No doubt we will go on vacations – up north for a week to Frankfort, and unbeknownst to him, we are going to Chicago this year.   I’m also trying to find a long weekend to go to Canada to visit one of our favorite splash pads that’s just about three hours away.

And then there are the summer camps that I already have him signed up for and the lessons I am still seeking.   Plus time with Nana and Grandad, up north to visit family, and maybe squeezing in a day trip to the Grand Rapids’ Millennium Park, John Ball Zoo, Celebration Square Zoo in Saginaw, and the Flint Children’s Museum.   Not to mention that around the Fourth of July, we have an annual family gathering that includes cousins from out-of-state.

So where is this blog going you ask?  That’s a good question, I started writing it in one manner and it has transformed into something else. I guess what I am trying to convey (now that I am getting back on topic), is that this summer we are going to do a little bit of everything – planned trips, visiting family, complete that bucket list my six year old wrote down, and maybe, just maybe, go rogue – do something we don’t have planned.  Just wake up, put the kids in the car and drive, see where the road takes us.


When do you start making your summer plans?  Are you a planner or more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-type parent?



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