Life: All Right…. Back to The Drawing Board

As I sit here in front of my phone typing this blog, I want to thank those of you who are hanging with me even though I know I have a lot of improvements to make here.  I was so excited to get the ball rolling with all the new media outlets for Mid-Michigan Kids that I didn’t take the time to properly cultivate them, and for this, I apologize.  I may have mentioned previously that this is all new to me and I am my own teacher as I figure all this out.  YouTube videos are helping though!

I have decided that moving forward, I must be more diligent and only schedule myself deadlines that I can actually meet.   So effective immediately, I am planning on posting blog topics on particular days of the week. This will not only keep me in check, but will also let you know when to expect certain things to post.   And it will help me to recognize what kind of blogs are needing to be posted.

So starting the week of April 3rd, please look for the blog topics below on the following days:

  • Wednesday – Recipe or something Food Related
  • Friday – Tip or Trick

Don’t worry, I have a ton of blog ideas written down and plan to write them all — eventually.

On another note, I was recently asked what the difference is between the Mid-Michigan Kids’ calendar and the Mid-Michigan Kids’ Facebook group.  The answer is simple.  The items listed on the calendar reoccur week-to-week or month-to-month whereas the items that are typically posted in the Facebook group are those that are special one-time events.    Anyone is welcome to share an event they hear about.   If you know of a lesson, open gym, story time, or something along those lines that takes place weekly or monthly, you are welcome to Email me the information for inclusion the calendar.

And as a means to reach as many people as possible, Mid-Michigan Kids has created a Twitter account (and coming soon – a Pinterest account).   If you are using either of these social media platforms, please look for me.   I also created a Mid-Michigan Kids’ Facebook page that, for the time being, will be used mainly as a way to post the blogs shared from the webpage.    In the future, I may invest in an Instagram account, but for now, I have my hands full as it is!

So what this blog is trying to say is to please bear with me as I develop each of these outlets to their fullest potential while maintaining both the current media outlets I already have — and my sanity!


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