Life: I Am The Lazy Gardener

Every year I plant flowers, vegetables, and herbs in the hopes of seeing my hard work mirror those I see in magazines.   Each year, I receive magazines and catalogs that feature the most beautiful garden-scapes – flowers and plant perfectly placed with lush green foliage and vibrant-colored flowers atop each.  No weeds poking through the ground, no wood chips or rocks out of place.  But alas, that is simply not me, and not the lifestyle I lead.  I am the lazy gardener.

I love watching plants gently poke through the earth each spring telling me that they’ve weathered the winter and are here to brighten my day.  I believe each plant is longing to tell me a story about how they’ve endured Michigan’s harsh winter, that they’ve put their heads down and pushed through, and now they are here to make my yard feel whole.

My spring story-telling sessions typically begins with my magnolia and daffodils who bloom first, followed by my returning hosta who start to poke through the ground, along with my bleeding heart, and then my allium make their return.   This year, I am welcoming some new flowers that were planted late last year – giant allium, tulips, a few new hosta, and two butterfly plants, plus some other plants that I cannot remember I planted.  <- This happens a lot to me because I buy things on clearance and then I can’t remember what they are!  You’d think one of these times I’d keep the information, but I don’t.   I simply cannot wait until it’s all in bloom.   Along with all of those flowers, I will have hydrangea, peonies, day lilies, lamb’s ear, phlox, and iris, and my lilac bush.  Ooh, I can smell it now!

But with all that is planted and will be planted, I find that I go full-force in the spring but as summer hits, I kind of just let things grow as they do.  Sure, I’ll pluck weeds here and there, usually over the course of one day a couple of times in the summer, but inevitably they weeds will take over and I will give up.   You see, I have the best of intentions, but zero knowledge.  I can read until I am blue in the face, but I really need someone to show me, as I tend not to retain information that is read.  I am more of hands-on learner.

I say this about my lawn, my flowers, and my garden.  That is why I tend to buy things on clearance or get them free.  That way if they don’t take, I don’t feel that bad that I’ve shelled out money and watched it wither away and die along with the plant that I didn’t know how to take care of or was a buffet for the local rabbit population.

My philosophy – it’ll grow back.

Where are all my lazy gardeners?  Comment below!   

 BONUS:  Do you like to garden and live in Michigan?  If so, join the Facebook group Michigan Gardening.  


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