Life:  Call Me Crazy, I Like To Vacation With My Kids

Call me crazy – but I love taking vacations – with my kids.  Certainly, there are limitations as to what we can do and where we can go because I am not, I repeat not, carrying my 40 lbs+ kids up and down a side of a mountain.    Yes, they drive me bonkers when we are all crammed into a tiny hotel room and it’s raining outside, no one can decide where they want to eat, and they are fighting over the remote control – but hey, it’s what family vacations are all about, right?

We’ve just returned from our first out-of-state trip with both kids to an unknown (to me) destination – Chicago.  We had a great time, and we learned A LOT about vacationing with kids.   The fact that they cannot walk as far as I’d like to walk, that their vacation diets are far worse than their limited palettes at home, and I’m pretty sure I gave in to a lot more donut runs that I usually do just to keep the peace.

When my husband and I were first dating, we each created a list of 10 destinations we’d like to visit over the course of life.  I am happy to say we made it to several of them before we had kiddos, but now that we have extra hands to hold, bags to carry, restricted diets, and break times to consider, we’ve decided that some of those places are just going to have to wait until either our kids get older or they are self-sufficient.   We recently sat down together again and revisited the list of 10 destinations with kids in mind and I am happy to report that out of the 10, we actually had four of the same cities on our list – Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, and Indianapolis.

Having just returned from Chicago over Spring Break, when I look at this list, I can see us tackling Philadelphia next year.  To me, it seems to be the most attainable by car given the time frame we have to work with.   No doubt Indianapolis is nearby, but we can hit that up for an extended weekend.

So now, I plan.   Yes, I plan well in advance when I can.   It’s time that I contact the Philadelphia Visitor’s Bureau, scour websites online about the ins and outs of the city (can we walk, park car at hotel), and look for the little unknown places that not many tourists visit.   And then I plan out how we’ll get there – will we drive over one day, or break it up into two days, is there anything else interesting nearby (within a couple hour drive) that we should check out, how many days will we spend in the city, what attractions are must-sees, what do they have for kids, places to eat that my kids won’t turn their noses up at, you know the usual ins and outs of vacation planning.   Only this time when I plan this vacation, we will be driving into the unknown as we have not previously visited.   This will be all new for all of us.  A true adventure to be had.



Have you visited Philadelphia with kids?  If so, I’d love to know the places you visited.    Or what are some your favorite vacations you took with your kids in tow?


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