Eat: Mexican “Stew”

This is one of those recipes that I am not really sure what it should be called. The original recipe was given to me as a chili recipe several years ago ....


Eat:  Chicken with Vegetables and Potatoes

I feel like a broken record here, but this is yet another easy-peasy weeknight recipe that you can throw together with minimal thought and BOOM – dinner is ready in about an hour.

Life:   What Do I Want For Mother’s Day

This is a tricky one…. I teeter between wanting time to myself and wanting to spend as much time with my kids and husband as possible – so long as no one is fighting and everyone is getting along. Honestly though, what do I want for Mother’s Day cannot be summed up in just one or two words.

Eat: Easy Weeknight Meatloaf 

I love meatloaf -- to be clear, a loaf of hamburger, not the singer.   And this recipe is SO easy, that I can throw it together in minutes on a weeknight and still have time to spend with my kids before my husband gets home from work! Ingredients: 1 lb ground beef 1 box … Continue reading Eat: Easy Weeknight Meatloaf 

Tip: Mid-Michigan Fun A to Z – The Complete List

It's was so much fun to share the Mid-Michigan Fun A to Z blog with you that I thought maybe it would be great to have all the locations linked in one, big blog!