CRAFT: Coloring Rocks

I may have mentioned previously, but I was not born with one crafty bone in my body, nope, not a one.   Playdoh is about as crafty as I get most days, but this past Friday, I found myself with two kids not able to play outside due to the weather but needing something to do.  That’s when I remembered about a group I recently joined on Facebook – Lansing/Surrounding Area Rocks.

Founding member, Erika Scott, created the group as a means to bring adults and kids together to both create beautiful rock art as well as a way to get outside and explore!  She further explains in the group that the object of movement is simple:  Paint rocks and hide them around your town; seek out rocks painted by others where you choose to keep them, or photograph yourself with them.   Members are encouraged to share photos of found rocks as well as those that they create.

So what’s a Mom to do in a situation like this?  I put my rain gear on and headed outside to find some light-colored rocks that we could then color!   Luckily, the people who owned the house before us decorated most of our exterior with rocks so there were quite a few to chose from.    From what I have read online, many members chose to paint their rocks and seal them with decoupage or Modge-Podge.   Again, not being a crafty-type, I whipped out the colorful Sharpies that I have!

The craft lasted about 30 minutes before my boys wanted to melt more crayons but now we have some nicely decorated rocks outside that my kids will never part with.  My kids are what we call hoarders.  I, however, will be placing my decorated rocks in some local parks soon.  

NOTE:  Have you found one of the rocks I hid around Mid-Michigan?  If so, comment below and let me know where you found it!  



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