TIP:  Check out 242 Playscape 

Based on a tip from Mrs Weber’s Neighborhood, the boys and I checked out the playscape at 2|42 Community Church and I have to say that this may have just become one of my new favorite day trips!

Located in Brighton, this place was the perfect place to spend a chilly afternoon.  Not only do they have a playscape, but they also have two rock climbing walls, an indoor soccer field, and a cafe that serves up yummy and fresh-made dishes. I think the soccer field was my favorite and will bring my ball next time although there were a few to share.

And don’t let the fact that it’s located in a church scare you away, no one will ask you to join but everyone will greet you with a friendly smile.  

Did I mention that it’s FREE to play? Yes, FREE.   

So if you are looking for something to do as the temperatures outside are getting chillier, check out 2|42 Community Church.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

PS.  Friday is free popcorn Friday which was a hit with my kiddos. 



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